Relax and Unwind in the Beautiful and Historic City of Charleston, South Carolina

February 25, 2022|

Sometimes vacations are all about seeing and doing as many exciting things as you can, but other times, you just want to slow down. Pineapple Tour Group wants to help you make the most of your Charleston vacation, whatever that means to you. Here are some ideas if you want your visit to the city to be a bit more relaxing.

Checklist for Your Winter Vacation to Charleston, SC

January 20, 2022|

The beautiful and historic city of Charleston is home to so many secrets and stories. It is a must-see on anyone's bucket list, especially during our mild winter months. You have your travel plans set and your hotel booked, but what should you see and do? What should you pack?? Don't worry, we have the perfect checklist for your winter vacation to Charleston, SC!

Take a Holiday walking tour through Downtown Charleston

December 7, 2021|

You will experience Charleston’s Christmas spirit in all its glory during the most warming and wonderful time of year. Walk the cobblestone streets as we pass grand decorations displayed on each house and business and listen to the holiday cheer flowing out from every door.

Take a Ride with a Few Morons Talking About the Complete History of Charleston

November 3, 2021|

R.W. Smith and Greg Tavares want you to go for a ride with them. Specifically a bus ride from Pineapple Tour Group. They are bringing their perennial comedy hit The Complete History of Charleston for Morons to local bus tours, and they want you to be a part of it.

How to Customize a Pineapple Tour Group Tour to You and Your Group

October 14, 2021|

From our air-conditioned luxury Charleston City Bus Tours to intimate walking tours of historic downtown Charleston and even an exclusive Bus and Boat package tour with Sandlapper Water Tours, we have everything you need for the perfect day (or days) in Charleston!

How to choose the perfect Pineapple Tour Group tour for you and your group: PART 2 – WALKING TOURS

September 30, 2021|

At Pineapple Tour Group, our expert guides provide exclusive five-star tours and excursions of beautiful and historic downtown Charleston and the surrounding area. With options like a walking tour, city bus tour, Middleton Place tour, and more, there's a perfect tour option for everyone to experience this wonderful and historic city.

How to choose the perfect Pineapple Tour Group tour for you and your group: PART 1 – BUS TOURS

September 30, 2021|

At Pineapple Tour Group, your perfect tour is waiting here for you! We have options for everyone to learn about the beautiful and historic city of Charleston. PART 1 - BUS TOURS

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