How to Choose the Perfect Pineapple Tour Group Tour for You and Your Group: Part 2 – Walking Tours

Published On: September 30, 2021

At Pineapple Tour Group, your perfect tour is waiting here for you! We have options for everyone to learn about the beautiful and historic city of Charleston.

Charleston Walking Tour

Here’s a little-known secret: Some of Charleston’s best sites can’t be accessed by bus or even by carriage – only by foot. A walking tour is the best way to explore the intimate details of the city at a slower and more interactive pace. Our most popular and diverse tour, A Walk Through Charleston, is a comprehensive overview of Charleston’s history through the centuries. With stories that date back to 1670, you will feel as though you are literally walking in the shoes of those who walked these streets centuries before.

Custom Private Tours

You have read all about the amazing options we provide here at Pineapple Tour Group but for all those who have something specific in mind, you have the option to customize a tour to your group! Give us a call and we’ll take you on the adventure that you have been looking for. Don’t be afraid to ask, we love customizing!